Get Involved

There are many ways in which you can take part in the Brighton & Hove City in Bloom campaign:-

Kemp StreetIf you want to learn more about the environment, improve the appearance of your local area,  create a community space for growing vegetables or flowers , improve your health or just want to get involved in gardening, horticulture or improving prospects for wildlife then getting involved is for you.

What you can do as an individual?

Put up a hanging basket or plant a window box

Kemp Town Gardening 02Making a difference in your street or on your estate can be very simple  (like this hanging basket by Kemp Town Gardening Club).

A hanging basket outside your front door can be a great way of not only making the entrance to your property more welcoming but also enhancing the overall look of the street or estate.

When two or more residents have this same idea, the results can be very effective.

Keep your front garden tidy

A sense of pride can be achieved when you walk down the road and see several well maintained gardens.

If you have limited space you could install window boxes or ground planters to add a splash of colour during the summer.

Also think of different types of plants you could use herbs, vegetables, bulbs and perennials that flower or produce what you need at different times of the year.

Street maintenance

Lansdowne Place Street plantingMany residents and community groups not only keep their gardens tidy, they also help to maintain an area in front of their property.(Lansdowne Area Residents Association planted around a tree as in this photo)

If each resident made an effort to pick up any litter directly around their property, this would make a huge difference. Alternatively you and other volunteers could clear litter in your street or area when necessary.

If you wish to do this we can put you in touch with contact with the relevant council operatives who will often be happy to provide bags and remove them afterwards.

You could even plant some spring flowering plants to brighten up the area.   How about holding a Street Tidy Day!


There are many opportunities to volunteer as part of the BHCIB Campaign.. You could decide to care for a small area located near you, as part of the It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme.  More details available from

Community working group member

If you would like to play a more active part in the decision making, you can apply to join the working group who meet regularly to discuss suggestions, feedback, improvements and all the other aspects of Brighton & Hove City in Bloom.


If you have not got time to support us with the more ‘hands on’ projects, then you may wish to support the campaign through financial sponsorship or an ‘in kind’ donation through your company or business. All sponsors get a link from their business to this site.

The success of Brighton & Hove City in Bloom Community Group relies upon the involvement of members of the local community; so whichever way you decide to help, no matter how large or small – it is appreciated!

If you feel you could help in some way, please contact  for more information